The Riverview Guest House still has a few rooms left for New Years Eve book one today 618 806 8673 or go on line to

Anchors Inn has availability for the last 3 weekends in Dec. 2017. Call and checkout our winter rates. 618-420-2017. Thanks! Dee Chiappa

Our daughter is getting married Dec 31st at Aeries. At this time I know that Aeries is completely booked. I would like to point our guest to other places in town but need to know if places are willing to book just 1 night. Thanks for your help. Peg Brooks 217-370-6508



Grafton Inn has 2 rooms available Fri Dec 15 & Sat Dec 16

1 Room available Fri Dec 22 & Sat. Dec 23

1 Room available Fri Dec. 29 & Sat. Dec. 30

  Please call  618-786-2222

We would like the hilltop cottage with the view of the river over Christmas break. My husband and i are flexible on the dates but weekends are best. Please let me know what your availability is during December. Thank you! Kandis

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6/22-24/2018 Whatever might be availabke


Grafton Visitors Center open 10 to 4 daily for Grafton tourist information    618-786-7000


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