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The "Dinky" was converted city passenger bus that ran on a railroad track,  near what is now the Great River Road from Alton to Grafton.

It is currently being renovated and will soon be on display at the Grafton Visitors Center. 

Click on the photo below to learn more about the Dinky and it's restoration. 

Welcome to The Grafton IL Visitors Center

950 E. Main St. Grafton IL. 62037    618-786-7000

(We can mail maps and brochures to help you plan your Grafton Visit)

For tourist information  on lodging, shopping, food and drink, services, churches  and any questions you may have about Grafton IL, stop at the Grafton Visitors Center. You can pickup maps and brochures for Grafton, get info on Eagle Watching form locals. They even have a spotting scope where you can often watch eagles from right inside the visitors center. The Grafton Visitors Center is located on the site of a  former stone quarry on The Great River Road on the east side of town. The stone bluffs tower over it. The confluence of the Illinois and the Mississippi rivers is right outside the windows.   There are picnic tables for you to rest, and bring you own lunch to a beautiful setting. There is plenty of parking, ( a great place to park and go bike riding on the bike trail ).  Spotless clean public restrooms.

Inside the Grafton Visitors Center you will find  a "punt " boat and huge gun used to hunt ducks years ago, a model of an early riverboat, antique items and old photos from Grafton.

Tom Wright, Grafton's Historian is on hand 2 days a week to answer any questions on Grafton's history, and the entire staff has knowledge of Grafton's history . There is inside seating for those who would like to browse Grafton's history book or see  photo albums from some of Grafton's great floods.
Grafton has been a major source of  building stone for many historic structures including the Ead's  Bridge in St. Louis. Grafton was a major boat building center, boats for World War 1 and Vietnam were built in Grafton. ( The Loading Dock now occupies that building.)  Grafton was and still is a port for commercial fishermen.

This art work by Local Artist Edward Amburg is made from several hundred arrow heads, spear points, scrapers, drills, all Native American tools found locally.  It is on display everyday at The Grafton Visitors Center.

   We invite you to come in and see it for yourself. And count the pieces and let us know how many are in it.

Grafton Visitors Center